Frequently Asked Questions

Do Well! The DW Network is an online mentoring platform which connects professionals, experts and specialists in fitness, well-being and personal development with members looking for help or improvements in these areas. Learn more.

Professional and specialists can get in touch with community members. To find other members, Register or Log in and follow the Connect with Members or Find Specialists link. You'll also be able to access them via your DW Dashboard.

Your privacy is part of our first priorities. Your data is securely stored within our servers and we strongly recommend to read our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions for additional ressources.

Regarding online sessions, we value your discretion. We don't access private message conversations, unless you download your chat history and specifically share it with us. If external video-conference tools are used, please refer to their own privacy policies and terms and conditions for further information.

We consider your safety as being a key element to enjoy your DW journey. We have strict screening checks to ensure the best accuracy of Professional Profiles, and aim to offer a safe and pleasant space so you can feel better in the best environment.

Because we need you to improve the quality and safety of the platform, please always report any profile adopting a suspicious behaviours or being unaccurate (you will be able to report profiles by clicking on the 3 dots at the top right corner of profile pictures). Misbehaviours will not be tolerated.

If meeting via video-call or face to face, please make sure to let someone you trust aware of your activities. For any further assistance, please contact us.

Thank you for your interest. Please go the Contact Us page, and select " Marketing and Business " from the "How can we help?" scrolling menu. A team member will be able to review your information.